Baby Muu Inu Muustery Boxes Mint them, before it's too late.

There's four type of winning tickets: Gold, Silver and Bronze, each of them permit you to earn a % of the prize pool (pool is constitued by 70% of each buy amount, the rest go to LP and marketing)

The fourth one is the legendary ticket, it handle 20% of the pool ! (with a min of 500$)

Prize pool amount: Loading....

Baby Muu Inu welcome you to his minting zone. You can mint up to 50 muustery boxes at once, max 100 per wallet, each is like a ticket for a lottery. once revealed (June 8th), you will see if you have earned a price, and you keep the NFT revelead.

Price to mint (for 1):

0.02 BNB

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